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-- ध्यान रहे ::= हम यहाँ सट्टा नंबर की Guessing/भविष्यवाणी करके गेम बनाकर देते हैं । हमारा किसी भी कंपनी से कोई लेना देना नहीं है । आप अपनी समझदारी से पैसे का लेन-देन करें । सबके हित में जारी? --
Post-ID User Date Game
84843Game Killer04-Dec-23 Ghaziabad
84808Gambler04-Dec-23 HR Super
84961Gali Satta04-Dec-23 Faridabad
84945Vasim khan04-Dec-23 Gali
84935Satta 78604-Dec-23 Faridabad
84558Disawar MD03-Dec-23 Ghaziabad
84758Vasim khan03-Dec-23 Faridabad
84734Musa Bhai03-Dec-23 HR Super
84698Desi Guy03-Dec-23 Faridabad
84640Disawar MD03-Dec-23 Disawar
84382Yo Yo Bhai02-Dec-23 HR Super
84341Gujjar Bhai02-Dec-23 Sri Ganesh
84336Ajay Boss02-Dec-23 Faridabad
84552King Guesser02-Dec-23 Ghaziabad
84492Tanvar Bhai02-Dec-23 Faridabad
84448Black Satta King02-Dec-23 Gali
84179Punjabi01-Dec-23 Delhi Bazaar
84299Shiv Kumar01-Dec-23 HR Super
84292Gali Satta01-Dec-23 Faridabad
84278Shiv Kumar01-Dec-23 Faridabad
84277Aman Guesser01-Dec-23 Sri Ganesh
84267Salman 78601-Dec-23 HR Super
84247Disawar MD01-Dec-23 Faridabad
84223Shiv Kumar01-Dec-23 Disawar
84205King Guesser01-Dec-23 HR Super
84195Game Killer01-Dec-23 Sri Ganesh
84189Satta King01-Dec-23 Gali
Post-ID User Date Game


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